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Hitting pause

Not that I have been a very prolific blogger up to this point, but to the dozen or so of you who have looked at my blog (Thank you! Know that you only know about it because I Iike you very, very much.) I want to announce that I’m going to pause blogging for a little bit while I prepare to rent out my house and get rid of all my stuff. Yes, it turns out I may have a renter! I met with someone who seems to really like it, so I’m going to step up my game in getting almost everything I own sold or packed within the next couple of months.

So far, I have been using to sell almost all my books and DVDs and taking what doesn’t sell to my local used books store. I’ve listed all the clothes I want to sell on Poshmark (use my referral code UUAQR to get $5 in credit!) and have sold quite a bit there. I’ve sold a few things using Facebook Marketplace or Ebay, and occasionally Craigslist. For the bulk of my household goods, I may continue along those lines or I may try to set up a website of my own–I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do yet.


But I am certainly not done with blogging–I have so many ideas! My plan was to continue a “practice” series on Dollywood and Pigeon Forge while I figure out all the technical aspects of how to blog, then announce my blog to as large an audience as I can.

I would officially launch with a series about the cross-country trip I took with my parents in the fall of 2015, the last trip I took with Dad. And there is much more planned after that! But we’ll see how it actually goes in real life. Plans are squishy.

I may still post here and there like I did for my last Uber experience, but I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me besides the blog. But I promise I’m not giving up or going anywhere. I am continuing forward with my dreams.

I’ve got an Amazon store!

So, I’m trying to work out this affiliate marketing thing that will maybe, someday, make this blog a paying gig. I also wanted a place where I could list all the books I recommend, so I created an Amazon store! I’ve linked to it a little already, but I just added a bunch of music and movies to it, and hopefully, I’ll add more travel products as well. (Though some of the ones I currently rely on can’t be found on Amazon–I’m sure I’ll talk about those at some point.)

I’m sure I’ll get better at this whole marketing thing, but I want this blog to be a transparent story of my figuring out these things as I go along, and this is one step that is easy to make. I already had an Amazon business account, and I think I just Googled “Amazon affiliate” and signed up to make a store. (I’m not sure if the one has to do with the other, but I thought it helped.) You can alter how it looks a little, but it looks pretty old school Amazon.

Check it out here!

When you set up your store, they will only consider your affiliate application when you sell your first item, which has to be within 180 days of creating the store. I may get a friend to buy a book for me (for which I’ll pay them) just so I can make sure that happens.

Here’s to the fools who dream

The video above is the only one I could find with actual footage of the movie–I love this scene. “A bit of madness is key”

When I tell people I want to travel full-time, one question I get asked is, where do I want to go? Like any good traveler, I echo the words of Susan Sontag, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

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How to build a new blog

I am a total newbie at owning my own website, though I have edited a website at my old job, so I  knew how to manage it once I got in, but just getting to that point took me a few weeks!

Before I started anything, I bought a “how to become a travel blogger” course from Travel Blog Success over a YEAR ago when I was first thinking seriously about this blogging idea. I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive! I bought during a half-off Black Friday sale and it was still $200. When I finally started the course, I had my doubts that it was worth even the half price I paid, but it really was. Not only did I get an in-depth basic course, but courses on blog monetization and non-blog travel writing were also included. You are also admitted to a helpful facebook group of travel bloggers who can offer advice and support. Following the advice in the course–which itself is just a series of blog posts–I learned about how to set up a blog in WordPress and lots of advice about plugins, analytics, and so forth. All the non-writing stuff about blogging that I was only dimly aware of.

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