So, I’m trying to work out this affiliate marketing thing that will maybe, someday, make this blog a paying gig. I also wanted a place where I could list all the books I recommend, so I created an Amazon store! I’ve linked to it a little already, but I just added a bunch of music and movies to it, and hopefully, I’ll add more travel products as well. (Though some of the ones I currently rely on can’t be found on Amazon–I’m sure I’ll talk about those at some point.)

I’m sure I’ll get better at this whole marketing thing, but I want this blog to be a transparent story of my figuring out these things as I go along, and this is one step that is easy to make. I already had an Amazon business account, and I think I just Googled “Amazon affiliate” and signed up to make a store. (I’m not sure if the one has to do with the other, but I thought it helped.) You can alter how it looks a little, but it looks pretty old school Amazon.

Check it out here!

When you set up your store, they will only consider your affiliate application when you sell your first item, which has to be within 180 days of creating the store. I may get a friend to buy a book for me (for which I’ll pay them) just so I can make sure that happens.