I want to travel full-time. What am I currently doing? Not traveling full-time. So how to do I make that transition? That is what I intend to figure out, and the reason this blog exists–to tell the story of my journey from location-dependent wage-earner and mortgage-payer to adventurous, backpacking globetrotter.

In regards to my blog name, I have not technically set sail yet. I’m currently in what you might call the boat-building part of my journey; the construction phase of the life I hope to embark upon. How I assume this part goes is that I need to figure out ways to make money online so that I can work from anywhere in the world. Once I get enough income and save up enough money, I’ll sell all my stuff, find a renter for my house, and, well, set sail for the horizon.

Hopefully, this blog will be a part of that journey, though I don’t assume it will make me any money soon, if ever. But one can dream of a life solely spent in travel and writing. And I certainly won’t succeed if I don’t even try, right? I know I’ll regret it if I don’t, not with a desire this strong, so here goes–pass me the hammer.